Vancouver’s Family-Friendly Housing

In Vancouver, unaffordability and insufficient units force many families with children into distant suburbs. New policy and alternative architectures are essential to attracting families, improving livability and reducing our environmental impact. Vancouver is at the forefront of this issue, publishing widely-acclaimed guidelines on designing for families at high densities since 1978. This presentation will examine new directions in the family-friendly housing guidelines developed by the City of Vancouver, as well as case studies of projects that incorporate best practices of family-friendly housing design. As architects have an important role in ensuring that families continue to stay, and thrive in this city, this session will provide an important lens for understanding the impact of design, policy and market forces on the next generation of Vancouverites.

Time: 1:30 – 3 p.m.
Location: Room 220
Learning Units (LUs): 1.5 Core

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Presented by:

Marianne Amodio Architect AIBC, LEED AP

Marianne holds a Masters Degree of Architecture (honours) from the University of Manitoba, is a registered Architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and a LEED Accredited Professional. She is currently the Chair of the City of Vancouver’s Creative Advisory Panel for Housing Innovation and a member of the City of Vancouver Mayor’s AdvisoryRead More

Edna Cho, Senior Housing Planner, City of Vancouver

Edna has worked in Community Planning and Housing Policy at the City of Vancouver for more than a decade. Her experience developing and implementing policy spans the range from city-wide initiatives to grass-roots community involvement. Over the last several years, she has worked on developing key rental housing policies in Vancouver, including the Rental 100:Read More

Amalie Lambert Intern Architect (OAQ), Research Assistant, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Amalie is an Intern Architect (OAQ) at McFarland Marceau Architects, and holds architecture degrees from UBC and McGill. A former research assistant at the BC Children’s Hospital, she examined the impact of neighborhood design on children’s play. She is currently designing schools in Vancouver.  

Ann McAfee, Adjunct Professor, UBC SCARP

Ann McAfee graduated from the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC in 1975 with an Interdisciplinary Doctorate in City Planning and Urban Land Economics. Her doctoral dissertation was on “Interactive Evaluation: A User Oriented Process to Assist Housing Program Reformulation.” She has taught courses in planning, urban land economics, geography, report writing, andRead More